Ways to Help

Access to water at home

Rain, a sustainable source of water for the communities.
We seek to implement a system that allows rainwater to be collected and stored by using the roofs of homes, schools, and other community structures, minimizing the time and effort that women and children must invest to obtain the water necessary for hygiene and domestic use. Some of the rainwater is also filtered to enable its use as drinking water.
Thanks to your contribution, more families can have drinking water in their homes.

An ambulance, a chance at life.

Help us save lives!
In Senahú, women give birth in their homes, putting their lives and their children’s lives at risk. The lack of proper hygiene in the home and the lack of trained personnel make it impossible for any medical emergency to be properly handled. With this in mind, we seek to complement our Health House with an ambulance that could allow us to provide emergency health care and safely make any urgent transfers to the nearest hospitals.

Are you betting on education? So are we.

Education is a fundamental process when it comes to creating opportunities.
At Fundación Trece Aguas we understand that education is the most powerful tool with which to boost the development of Senahú communities. With this in mind, we make efforts to improve the schools in the communities we work with. So far, we’ve delivered blackboards and desks to:
Children Benefited
We do all of this to inspire them and help them receive a better education in a proper and dignified environment. Our goal is for 19 schools to have adequate furniture.
With your contribution you can help change this reality.
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