Who we are
We generate development opportunities to create decent living conditions for the inhabitants of the regions where we operate.
We generate development opportunities to create decent living conditions for the inhabitants of the regions where we operate.

We contribute to the lives of many families in more than 20 communities in Senahú, Alta Verapaz.

What we do?
We focus our efforts on 24 rural communities in the municipality of Senahú. This area is located in the department of Alta Verapaz, in the northern Guatemalan highlands.
Senahú communities are among the lowest in human development indices in Guatemala.
The presence of public health and educational institutions in this region is insufficient and precarious, and its inhabitants lack access to decent housing or basic services. Its economy is often limited to subsistence and its development opportunities are few.
We create development opportunities that benefit women, men, youth, and children throughout the course of their lives.
We transform realities
We work hand in hand
We create and strengthen partnerships
We promote sustainable changes
How we do it?
We encourage leadership and participation in an effort to promote teamwork with the communities and achieve tangible, sustainable results from the implementation of our programs.
Before developing any projects, we evaluate the priorities identified by the different communities. Then, with the support of the foundation, we determine the most efficient mechanisms with which to address them. This process is based on the trust gained throughout 40 years of working closely with the communities and their leaders, with whom we’ve built strong bonds based on friendship and collaboration.
Because we cannot substitute the work of the government, for some programs we establish alliances with local public entities, such as the Ministry of Education and Public Health. We’ve learned that we can only create long-lasting, sustainable programs when working jointly with both the State and the communities themselves.
Our Main

Areas of Focus

Our main areas of focus help improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities.

Our team

We have a team of 11 collaborators, mostly young professionals from local population, who implement the programs, interact in the local language, and have both knowledge of and respect for local cultural practices.

Our partnerships

Fundación Trece Aguas is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of the Interior in Guatemala.
Our communication and transparency policy ensures that you remain informed about the start, progress, and completion of the specific program you contribute to.
If your support comes in the form of a donation, you will receive correspondence from Fundación Trece Aguas about the program you supported. In any case, our website will showcase the progress of our different projects and programs throughout their entire duration. Additionally, if you’re interested, you can visit us in person and participate directly in one of several volunteer activities in an effort to get to know the work we do in the different communities.
Through the ongoing support of Grupo Secacao, we have a permanent donor that covers 100% of the salaries and operating expenses of our offices. Because of this, your contributions will have a larger impact and be fully allocated to the execution of the program, project, or sponsorship of your choice. In addition, you will be given the financial information of the project or program you contributed to, should you require it.
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